Open Defi Launchpad : An Innovation for The Defi Ecosystem

Open DeFi seeks to proffer solutions for collaboration, innovation, and creating cross-border opportunities which they claim will shape the future of the DeFi industry.

“Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is growing to become a household name in the financial sector. It was one of the highlights of the cryptocurrency industry in 2020, with some stakeholders dubbing it the “future of finance.” True to their assertions, the sector grew by over 2500% in 2020, with the total value of assets locked in DeFi protocols ending the year at around $15 billion. Today (15/03/2021), this figure sits at $43 billion and its doubling.” Source

total value locked in Defi April 2021. Source

Launchpad still persist and mount a serious stand on the DeFi ecosystems today. They have become and integral part of the crypto and blockchain space, based on a number of reasons. liquidity, market makers, strategic grants, and are working on integrations with established protocols to bring new assets and building multi-chain offerings. Projects who merged with the Launchpad will collaborate with well-established DeFi players, research groups, security firms, academia and industry leaders.

Open Defi Network

Open DeFi is a global initiative to develop the decentralized financial ecosystem and advance the collaboration of DeFi projects across borders and blockchains. At Open DeFi , the claim to believe in radical DeFi innovations in trading, lending & borrowing, new asset classes, and token-engineered investment mechanisms, with the focus on capturing major share of Defi’s multi-trillion dollar market and make traditional finance more efficient and globally inclusive, with a potential to replace the old systems entirely.

So How & Whom?

They are established as a global launchpad to nurture early-stage projects that are building the future of decentralized finance. Launchpad projects get an opportunity to work with established DeFi protocols, research firms, academia and industry leaders to generate user adoption, bootstrap liquidity and raise capital.

So What & Why?

Through Funding Opportunities(Grants from prominent DeFi projects and Open DeFi members), Product Advisory(Advisory on financial engineering and decentralised governance), & Community(Access to Web3 talent for hiring local resources in Asia, Europe and North America).

The Pitch

They are looking for highly motivated founders of pre-seed companies with a strong belief in the ethos of decentralisation and building next-generation financial products focused on:

  • Lending and borrowing
  • Insurance and mutual
  • Derivatives and margin trading
  • Decentralised Identity Management
  • Digital Security / Key Management
  • NFTs + DeFi

On-boarded Projects


DeCus is a high capital efficiency cross-chain custody system dedicated to bringing bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem. “eBTC” uses a system of ‘Custodian Network’ to accomplish the tokenization of bitcoin. All keepers in the Custodian Network are organized under the overlapping group assignments in a 100% decentralized way given Keepers are permission-less to join or leave the Network at will.


Nsure is an open insurance platform for Open Finance. The project is inspired by Lloyd’s London, a market place to trade insurance risks, where premiums are determined by a dynamic pricing model.


Flux Protocol is a borderless lending protocol, where low transaction fees and cross-chain interoperability are reality! Empowered by Conflux Network and developed by ZeroOne Universe, Flux provides a lending mechanism to adjust the interest rates of crypto assets in an automatic and decentralized fashion, incentivizing liquidity in the cryptocurrency market.


Phantom, a new cross-chain synthetic asset generation and issuance protocol. Supports multi-market synthetic assets that expand from crypto to traditional markets such as gold, stocks, etc., Additionally, it can also support pNFTs linked to real-world commodities.

If you find any incorrect information in this article, please post a comment with your recommended corrections! While i am huge supporters of Defi, our goal is to educate, not shill. We accept any corrections humbly and gratefully (especially as there is limited content about Launchpads in defi and IDos out on the internet currently)! Huge shoutouts to Mr Simon on slack who compelled me to examine launchpads and kickpads emergence in defi.

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